Is it mandatory to buy a SIM card while registering a BNESIM account?

Buying a SIM card is not mandatory to register a new BNESIM account. You may get one anytime later, whenever you need it.


How can I buy a SIM card from the app?

You may purchase a SIM card by visiting the DATA DETAILS area of the Self Care and tapping ADD SIM CARD.


Do I need the BNESIM App if I only need to use data?

We highly recommend you to download the BNESIM app even if you only need data. The Self Care will come handy whenever you need to top-up your account, check your data consumption, or contact the customer support. Most importantly, through the Self care you will always be updated about our upcoming promotions, which will allow you to save a lot of money.


Why do I need to use my mobile number to register a BNESIM account?

We need your mobile number to send you a One Time Password (OTP) to complete your registration.


Why should I use my social accounts to register a BNESIM account?

Connecting your social accounts to your BNESIM account is not mandatory, but it comes very useful in case you forget your BNESIM password, and you want to recover it. You can connect your socials while registering a new account, or even later from the Self Care. Scroll down the page and complete your account by tapping CONNECT on the socials? cards.


I didn’t receive my OTP.

No need to worry, we have you covered! You may not have received the OTP because the phone number you entered might be wrong. We recommend you to double-check and try again. If the problem persists, get in touch with us by calling 888 from the BNESIM app or by hitting the LIVE SUPPORT CHAT at the bottom of the Self Care main page.


Can I change or cancel my plan?

With BNESIM, you are in control. You can change or cancel your plan anytime.nnIf you wish to cancel your subscription, do it at least one day before the renewal date.


Does my plan renew automatically?

Yes, all the daily and monthly plans renew automatically, and you can change or cancel them anytime. With BNESIM, you are in control.


When does my plan renew?

Your plan renews after 1 day if you have subscribed to a daily plan and after 30 days if you have subscribed to a monthly plan.


What happens to my ONE-TIME data allowance if I activate a plan?

If you are a ONE-TIME user and you wish to activate a data plan, your plan will be activated immediately, and your ONE-TIME remaining data allowance will be added to your new data allowance. Your new data allowance can be used until your subscription renews. After that, you will lose it.


Can I use my BNESIM SIM card into different devices?

Of course! 🙂


What is the difference between Global, Regional and National data?

GLOBAL is related to the TOP 88 countries (where we can offer flat data rates). The prices start from 6.00 EUR/day for 100MB/day. REGIONAL includes countries divided by areas of the world where we can offer the same data rates (Asia, Europe, Middle East, USA). Our prices start from 3.25 EUR/month for 100MB/month in Europe. NATIONAL includes all the countries which are not included in the TOP 88 countries. Here?s a tip: sometimes buying a national plan is cheaper even for the countries included in the TOP 88, especially if you?re planning to travel to only one country out of the 88. Check it out before purchasing your plan.


Can I activate a National plan before I reach my destination?

Sure! This is one of the new features of the Self Care. Not only you can plan your mobile expenses, but you can also purchase a National plan in advance.


How can I top-up my data credit?

Hit the TOP-UP button placed on your data plans? cards in the DATA DETAILS area of the Self Care. We have a data plan for your every need. Here?s a tip: you can save 30% by activating a daily plan!


How much will I pay for roaming charges?

BNESIM has abolished any roaming charges. You can call any country worldwide and receive international calls completely roaming-free.


How does the RESTART of a plan work?

If you run out of data before your plan renews, you can RESTART your plan anytime by following the steps below: Visit the DATA DETAILS area of the Self Care. Tap the ?+? card. Tap the DAILY or MONTHLY tab according to the plan you wish to restart. Your plan will be highlighted by the label RESTART. Select it, and you?re good to go. You can also BOOST your plan by buying additional ONE-TIME data credit. The boosted data will be added to your remaining allowance and will expire on your renewal date. You can boost your data, but make sure you use it before your plan renews as the BOOST will expire. To activate a BOOSTER, visit the DATA DETAILS area of the Self Care and tap on the ?+? card. Tap BOOST, select the amount of data you need, and you?re good to go.


What is the Emergency top-up?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you ran out of data credit, and there’s no Wi-Fi around to make a top-up’ The answer is easy: you don’t make a top-up, you make an emergency top-up! Emergency top-up is the all-new feature that allows you to top-up a little amount of national data, without expiration, that will be enough to make a few emergency calls, to communicate via WhatsApp, or receive an important email.


Will your SIM fit into my phone?

It surely will! Our SIM comes in three sizes: standard, micro, and nano.


Can I use my personal hotspot to share my data?

Yes, you may, if your device is compatible with our SIM and if the country you are in allows us to use the data tether.


Can I have a physical SIM card and an eSIM?

Yes, you can have unlimited SIM cards and eSIM profiles simultaneously. The sky is the limit!


I can’t download the APN profile.

No worries, we’ve got you covered. If you?ve got an iPhone and could not manage to download the APN Profile directly from the BNESIM App, you can manually download it by visiting If you?ve got an Android, unfortunately, you can?t download the APN Profile. You need to set it up from your phone?s settings. Tap SIM CARDS & MOBILE NETWORKS. Select your BNESIM SIM card. Tap ACCESS POINT NAMES. Tap NEW APN. Type ?BNESIM? in the NAME field and ?rh? in the APN field. Tap MORE, and then SAVE.


How can I get an invoice for my orders?

To receive the invoices for your orders, you first need to add your billing information to your BNESIM account. If you wish to do so, tap your name at the top of the Self Care home and scroll down the page. Tap “Add” on the “Billing information” area. Fill up with your details and enable the “Receive invoice by email” option.


How many mobile devices can I add to my BNESIM account?

By upgrading your account to BNE Pro, you will be able to add up to two mobile devices to your BNESIM account.

If you upgrade to BNE Enterprise, you will be able to add unlimited mobile devices to your BNESIM account. How cool is that!?


Someone has used my card to activate a BNESIM account. What do I do?

If you suspect someone has used your card to activate a BNESIM account, get in touch with us by hitting the LIVE SUPPORT CHAT link at the bottom of the Self Care main page. You can also drop us an email at


How can I add a new payment method?

You may add a new payment method by visiting the MY ACCOUNT area of the Self Care. Tap EDIT and then tap ADD/EDIT in the PAYMENTS METHODS area. Tap ADD PAYMENT METHOD, type in your card’s details, and you’re good to go.


How can I apply for a refund?

If you want to apply for a refund, hounded to get in touch with us. Our team will happily support you. You may call 888 from the BNESIM app or hit the LIVE CHAT link at the bottom of the Self Care main page. You may also drop us an email at